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We've moved to Ravencrest.

Genjuros was our home for a long, long time. It was deemed necessary though and we decided to hitchhike to Ravencrest! So far the server has been a welcoming change despite the occassional downtime.

Upon arrival we immediately got to work and downed Sindragosa 25hm,Putricide 25hm and the Lich King 25hm is that remain within Icecrown.

Currently Required

Deathknight High
Druid (balance) High
Hunter High
Mage Medium
Paladin (holy) High
Priest (healer) High
Shaman (restoration) Medium
Warlock High

Recruiting! Lich King 25h awaits!
Interested in joining Highbornes? Consult the Recruitment block on the right side and drop an apply here.

It has been 5 amazing years with Highborns and we are determined to last as long as World of Warcraft itself. Mainly focusing in the PvE aspect of the game, we have been constantly striving for a place at the top. From the fiery depths of Molten Core to the icy heights of Icecrown Citadel we overcame every challenge and beat every critter, trash-mob and boss crazy enough to oppose us. Recently we achieved Grand Crusader and beat the Lich King in both 10man and 25man versions with great ease. We are currently making our way through Icecrown Citadel heroic. Raiding takes place Sun-Thu 19:00-24:00 server time.

We are looking to enrich our ranks with new players and ultimately beat the Lich King in his 25man heroic form, completely destroy the Ruby Sanctum and run head-first in Deathwing's lair during Cataclysm.

What will we offer you? Sit tight because this will be the ride of your life. First and foremost you will experience all the encounters in the game and eventually beat them with style! With a mature, friendly and helping environment we also offer a very social entourage where people eventually become friends, hang out on vent, meet IRL, laugh and cry together. The crying mostly takes place after Zfour's ridiculous attempts at humour. During raids we keep focused whilst having a good time and we encourage players into a light-hearted and relaxing state of gameplay. The officers will help you integrate in the guild and you will always be rewarded for your contribution.

What do we want from you? Firstly we require the use of english in both written and verbal forms as we raid in english. Knowing your class, your role in every encounter we face and being mature is a must. Previous experience in PvE is also required, preferably accumulated in multiple high-end instances. We do not demand extremely good gear, a few 264 will do as long as you are able to bring out the maximum on your character.

You need us as much as we need you! So go on over at the recruitment forum and drop an apply, our recruitment officers will make sure to read it thoroughly and reply to you asap. Please note that applications that do not meet the template will be instanly removed.

By: Icha
Highborns vs The Lich King
Thanks to Celerity for capturing, editing and rendering this video. It shows the Lich King's fight highborn style. Enjoy!

By: Icha
Lich Kind dead, ICC25 cleared!
The Lich King fight is great, after 2 days of silly wipes and some lag we downed the ultimate WoW boss. We had been waiting a looong time for this!

Onwards to the hard modes.

By: Icha
Reign In Blood! The Crimson Hall cleared!
Pierced from below, souls of my treacherous past
Betrayed by many, now ornaments dripping above

Awaiting the hour of reprisal
Your time slips away

Raining blood
From a lacerated sky
Bleeding its horror
Creating my structure
Now I shall reign in blood!

"Raining Blood" - Slayer

By: Icha
Grand Crusader video!
Click below for a redirect to filefront where the movie is currenlty hosted. A mixture of machinima and pve, this movie will give you a summary of what the Trial of the Crusader is all about.

UPDATE: Warcraft Movies link:

Please download for best quality.

By: Icha
Grand Crusader accomplished!
A few weeks of demoralizing wipes weren't enough to subdue us. Today we entered the coliseum confident and ready for success. Anub'arak fell with ease and the number 50 remained at the top of our screens. I won't spoil this moment with mindless blabber. We wanted it, we got it.

Stay tuned for the video. Click on image for full size.

By: Icha
Plagueworks 25 and some achievements
Nothing much has happened since last time. We keep wiping on Anub at the 50th attempt for every reason imaginable and got Putricide(25) down to 10%. Could of been a kill if a certain someone had't numlocked straight to the boss costing us 1 try.

Oh yeah, we also did I'm on a boat (25). I know, hard right? Just wanted an excuse to post the pic below. It's from Nyana's bday party. Spot the girls and you get a free deadmines boost.

By: Icha (that certain someone)
50-1=? Mad Skill done!
That's right, due to a main tank healer disconnecting in P3, instead of accomplishing Grand Crusader we had to go home with Mad Skill. Dc's are part of the game and well, since it's Christmas and all, the healer is forgiven and not killed in horrible, unimaginable ways.

Just kidding of course, better luck next time!

From us here in Highborns, Merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy your families and loved ones.

By: Icha
Icecrown goes live!
The frozen throne is slightly closer to our reach...well the first wing is anyway, apparently the Ashen Verdict still needs 28 days to gather the neccessary resources to bring forth the assault on the second wing. Lord Marrowgar, Lady Deathwhisper, The Gunship Battle and Deathbringer Saurfang fell with great ease. In fact, we spent much more time farming the trash for the rep rings than killing the bosses themselves. Heroic modes are not available though so we're still hoping for something more challenging.

Some of us went the whole way and achieved exalted status. However this appeared to be a bit of an anti-climax as the ring procs very rarely. Oh well, it was still fun watching Bulba die on almost every pull. :)

By: Icha